Sunday, October 2, 2011

Today Manchester City will interrogate Carlos Tevez

/ On : 8:15 PM
Premier League news: Manchester City will meet with Carlos Tevez on Monday October 3, 2011, to request information relating to allegations he refused to play in the Champions League against Bayern Munich on 27 September last.

According to Sky Sports, somebody close to Tevez said that Tevez will be present.

Tevez fall in reserves in the match. According to the coach Roberto Mancini, Tevez refused when asked to play. Mancini also said that Tevez will not play again for he became City manager.

To the report, City dropped two-week suspension to Tevez. During that period, they will investigate whether Tevez refused Mancini. If true, the City will impose sanctions which may include termination of cooperation.

According to reports in UK, whatever the outcome of the investigation, the City will continue to release Tevez in the status of new loans and the second transfer window in January next, take it off permanently.

Paris Saint Germain and Inter Milan are referred to as a club ready to accommodate Tevez, whenever the City decides the future of the Argentine players.

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