Monday, October 17, 2011

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Giuseppe Rossi: We know how to beat Manchester City

Attackers Villarreal, Giuseppe Rossi, warned Manchester City that stronghold of his teammates know how to deal with the movement of the City striker, Sergio Aguero.

The Spanish club will conduct a visit to Etihad Stadium in the continuation phase of qualifying Group A Champions League on Tuesday October 18, 2011 at local time, where both teams start the competition, which stood quite disappointing results.

While Villarreal twice suffered defeat in the opening two games, the Manchester City won a one-time draw against Napoli and one-time defeat of Bayern Munich.

Manager of the Citizens, Roberto Mancini, hoping that if the condition can be readily Aguero fit when City entertains the Yellow Submarines. While Rossi admitted that the Argentine striker as a major threat to Villarreal to be picking the first point in this competition.

Aguero's move to City from Atletico Madrid last summer, quite surprised me, said Rossi. I bet if he will be docked in Italy, but he decided to move to Britain and its performance is not bad at all, he added.

He was very flexible, has a wonderful ability and able to make the ball perfectly. He became a nightmare for the defenders, but Villarreal know how to stop it, said Giuseppe Rossi.

Compatriot Aguero, Carlos Tevez, will not be displayed on a game face Villarreal because it is still ostracized by the City due to the incident that occurred in Munich, however, Rossi was unsure if the City is still a strong team, although not confirmed by Tevez.

Villarreal have the advantage because it does not appear Tevez on the pitch, although the Citizens squad strong enough and still has other dangerous players, said Rossi.

On the front lines, they still have Mario Balotelli, Aguero and Edin Dzeko. But it will not be a surprise for me to fight against the Manchester City defender, because I am quite familiar with them, he added.

Appearance Joleon Lescott is getting better every year, and Vincent Kompany became commander for their defense. It will be a wonderful fight and able to give me a special incentive.

Manchester City played very well coming up to Naples, and they only face difficulties at the end, though while in Munich, Bayern will always be on top, said Rossi.

Now the City will face Villarreal, and we should not swallow defeat in Manchester if we still want to maintain our chances in this competition, he said.

We just need to go back to the pattern of our game as usual, and trying to avoid the pressures that exist. That's what will be the key for us in the face of Manchester City and we are confident to do it, he concluded.

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Peter Crouch is ready to play for the Three Lions

Stoke City Striker Peter Crouch insisted he was ready, if considered by Fabio Capello for the England squad in the arena of Euro 2012. Crouch himself almost a year after not playing for the Three Lions.

However, his chances of returning to the team re-open. Sentenced to three games for Wayne Rooney made a striker position in the England squad now empty. Crouch himself admitted was eager to defend his country's return.

I'm happy with my job at Stoke City. Pleasant could get 10 days off, but obviously I'd be really happy to be involved into the England team. But if not, I would not think much about it, he told Sky Sports.

I'm always proud of my record with England and I thought I'd never let my country. I love Stoke and I feel a major part of something that is growing. We have a lot of potential to perform well, said Peter Crouch.

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Wayne Rooney asked for dried penalties

Wayne Rooney gets support to appeal the suspension of three games at Euro 2012 event. Uniquely, the support came from the players that were violated, Miodrag Dzudovic.

Montenegro defender was even offered to speak to Rooney. The reason, according to Dzudovic punishment was too severe because Rooney himself had apologized to him.

Rooney was sent off after kicking Dzudovic deliberately visible. UEFA also decided to punish him three games. This will make Rooney could not appear to defend Britain in all group stage matches. Dzudovic themselves assess punishment was too cruel and willing to help appeal Rooney.

I will speak to Wayne Rooney if he lodged an appeal against his sentence. I think it is unfair. He just did not think at the time and after that he realized what he had done. He was immediately aware of it and apologized, said Dzudovic.

It was very painful. I got a little swollen after the game, but not until the bruises. I was surprised because not aware of his kick at the time. But, yeah I want to play against him. He is a very great player and his team fight is always fun, said Dzudovic.

Monday, October 3, 2011

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Chelsea waited for the a new contract from Drogba

Premier League news: With a contract that will expire at the end of this season, Chelsea have Didier Drogba give new deal to make it last at Stamford Bridge. But until now the striker has yet to answer.

Despite having Fernando Torres, Nicolas Anelka and later Daniel Sturridge showed more mature performance, Drogba still feel the need manpower. This then makes the Blues striker who was trying to keep the evening moving.

The new proposal was offered deal The Blue Ivory Coast striker made it. But Drogba has not so far give a positive signal, because he still has not signed on a new contract.

I do not see it as a problem. Players who are emotionally attached with this club - and Didier are emotionally attached with this club - will eventually extend the contract. So I will not panic encounter this situation, said Andre Villas Boas in ESPNStar.

With age, performance and sharpness are considered real Drogba started to decline. Having scored 29 goals in 2009/10 season, last season he was only 11 times to break the opponent's goal. While in five Premier League matches this season just once she wrote her name in the list of scorers.

Not just Chelsea's Drogba who was persuaded to extend the contract. Club management also is working to extend cooperation with Jose Bosingwa.

When you want to extend the contract, it's always the right time to motivate people. It is a situation where we were at the top and make an assessment ata what we thought was the best.

We are still in talks currently associated this situation with the CEO and of course with the players that we think play well, said Villas-Boas.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

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Today Manchester City will interrogate Carlos Tevez

Premier League news: Manchester City will meet with Carlos Tevez on Monday October 3, 2011, to request information relating to allegations he refused to play in the Champions League against Bayern Munich on 27 September last.

According to Sky Sports, somebody close to Tevez said that Tevez will be present.

Tevez fall in reserves in the match. According to the coach Roberto Mancini, Tevez refused when asked to play. Mancini also said that Tevez will not play again for he became City manager.

To the report, City dropped two-week suspension to Tevez. During that period, they will investigate whether Tevez refused Mancini. If true, the City will impose sanctions which may include termination of cooperation.

According to reports in UK, whatever the outcome of the investigation, the City will continue to release Tevez in the status of new loans and the second transfer window in January next, take it off permanently.

Paris Saint Germain and Inter Milan are referred to as a club ready to accommodate Tevez, whenever the City decides the future of the Argentine players.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

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Edin Dzeko apologizes to Mancini

Premier League news: Manchester City striker Edin Dzeko showed no reaction when the manager Roberto Mancini happy to pull it out in a game vs Bayern Munich. Top of this attitude, Dzeko apologize.

As against Bayern on Wednesday September 28, 2011 pm dawn, Dzeko failed to show his best. Bosnian national team attacker is then pulled out in the 55th minute and was replaced by Nigel De Jong.

When pulled out, an expression of displeasure Edin Dzeko. He seemed to sputter and protest the decision Mancini.

Feeling guilty, Dzeko showed remorse and took the initiative to apologize to Mancini for bad attitude. I know my reaction when pulled out bad, I Dzeko on Sky Sports.

I've talked to friends and also to the coaches. I have already apologized for that reaction and Roberto accepts it. He says everything is fine and we should think positively for the next game, he said.

Everyone had gone to bed and rest after the game vs Bayern. We know we can do better, but this is football and you can not win in every game, said the former Wolfsburg player was.

Bayern Munich already passed. We feel positive and stared at the next game. That is our next target, said Dzeko.

Although time being bad, Dzeko fate is very much better than Carlos Tevez. who reportedly refused derived as a substitute in the same game, is now suspended for a maximum of two weeks and probably had no more future at The Citizens.