Monday, October 17, 2011

Wayne Rooney asked for dried penalties

/ On : 1:25 AM
Wayne Rooney gets support to appeal the suspension of three games at Euro 2012 event. Uniquely, the support came from the players that were violated, Miodrag Dzudovic.

Montenegro defender was even offered to speak to Rooney. The reason, according to Dzudovic punishment was too severe because Rooney himself had apologized to him.

Rooney was sent off after kicking Dzudovic deliberately visible. UEFA also decided to punish him three games. This will make Rooney could not appear to defend Britain in all group stage matches. Dzudovic themselves assess punishment was too cruel and willing to help appeal Rooney.

I will speak to Wayne Rooney if he lodged an appeal against his sentence. I think it is unfair. He just did not think at the time and after that he realized what he had done. He was immediately aware of it and apologized, said Dzudovic.

It was very painful. I got a little swollen after the game, but not until the bruises. I was surprised because not aware of his kick at the time. But, yeah I want to play against him. He is a very great player and his team fight is always fun, said Dzudovic.

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